Five Times Distilled

Following detailed mashing and fermentation, a rigorous distillation process is completed to separate the pure ethanol (hearts) from taste spoiling and hangover inducing impurities (heads and tails).  Although more time consuming and costly, by slowly distilling our product five times we can ensure the cleanest and purest alcohol before blending and filtering begins.

Vodka Five Times Distilled

Ten Times Filtered

Think of the need to meticulously cut and polish a clear and colorless diamond to achieve the perfect sparkle.  In order to achieve the polished smoothness and subtle aromas and flavor in our final product, we cut, polish and smooth it with a 22-step blending method with pristine alluvial aquifer water and ten-fold filtration with an activated coconut carbon and charcoal filtration system.  This process is more laborious and expensive but results in a superior ultra premium vodka.

Vodka Ten Times Filtered

One Time Perfected

Quality vodka should not be thought of as tasteless. Great vodka should have subtle aromas on the nose, a silky texture, hints of flavor, and a smooth and clean finish.

Many brands focus on the process more than the end product to increase marketability. Although we are proud of our tedious production process, our focus has always been on the final product.

Pink Duck started with a vision of a “Perfect” end product with a specific aroma, texture, taste, and finish and then set out to accomplish this with zero additives. Our master distillers worked persistently with multiple recipe and production tweaks until they got it just right, or “Perfected” it!

Perfect Vodka

Additive Free

A lot of distillers use sugar, glycerin and other additives to enhance the texture or to improve the sensation, smell, or taste of the spirit. Pink Duck Vodka has no preservatives, no added sugar, no citric acid, and it is gluten free.

Additive Free Vodka

Pink Duck Vodka Logo

Drink it straight; Pink Duck Vodka is a taste to experience!

It starts with delicate aromas of vanilla creme brûlée on the nose followed by a silky entry that glides smoothly onto the pallet with low to medium warmth giving off subtle notes of sugar cookies and soft citrus mist that melts into a clean and smooth finish. Pink duck vodka also mixes well with any vodka base cocktail.

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